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Originally formed in Wilmington, North Carolina, The Hatch Brothers are a breed of their own. Lead vocalist and songwriter, Sam Hatch, has an iconic voice that transcends genre. His songwriting approach captures stories in time with colorful chord progressions, unique time signatures, and poetic lyricism. Bassist Paul Hatch is a self-taught musician with an ear for improvisation. Paul is never afraid to play with new ideas in the moment. Drummer Phil Milligan is a master of many styles. His biggest asset is understanding exactly what a song needs. He picks his moments, and when it’s time to shine holds nothing back. Collectively, the group has an undeniable chemistry. Their ability to tailor songs on the spot creates a unique performance every time.

In 2010, brothers Paul and Sam Hatch began their journey in music performing at local Wilmington venues. Over time their vision grew, and they evolved into a full band, known as The Hatch Brothers. Although Phil is not technically related, the group has adopted the brother identity through and through.

The Hatch Brothers’ debut album Twelve Bar Grievances is a representation of transformation that fully encompasses the band’s spirit and energy. Some songs were written years ago while others were written just days before recording. The band’s favorite thing about the album is that there is at least one song for every kind of person out there. No matter what genre an audience may prefer, The Hatch Brothers ensure their music reaches everyone.

The Hatch Brothers Samuel Hatch performs

Meet Sam Hatch

Sam Hatch is the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for The Hatch Brothers. He started as a local Wilmington, NC gigging musician at 14 years old. His passion for music led him to Campbell University, where he earned a B.A. Composition and Voice, paving the way to his career in music ever since. He has written and co-written on multiple albums and is a multi-instrumentalist and private music instructor. When he’s not front-manning The Hatch Brothers, Sam performs solo and duo shows across the region.

Paul Hatch of The Hatch Brothers

Meet Paul Hatch

Paul Hatch is the bassist and back-up vocalist for The Hatch Brothers. Paul and Sam started playing as a duo in 2010. Paul’s love for music started at an early age, and he grew up listening to gospel, classic rock and heavy metal. His passion for music led him to pick up the bass as a teenager.  Paul is a Communication Studies graduate of UNC Wilmington. An Insurance Agent by day he insures your property is protected, but on stage, he ensures to bring the rhythm to all your favorite tunes!

My favorite thing about being a part of this group has to be playing all of my favorite genres of music that I’ve enjoyed listening to through the years. You will find inspirations like Jazz, folk and heavy metal in what we play. You’ll enjoy the covers or love our original music because there is always something for everyone.

Phil Milligan of The Hatch Brothers

Meet Phil Milligan

Phil Milligan is the drummer for The Hatch Brothers. He joined The Hatch Brothers in 2018 and has been a key addition to bringing the band’s sound and identity to where it is today. He is a multi-instrumentalist and music instructor. Phil has recorded multiple albums spanning a wide variety of genres. Phil comes from a musical background and began playing at the age of 3. An electrician and property manager by day, Phil also brings electricity to the stage at night with his incredible drumming. 


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